How to Naturally Remove Yellow Deodorant Stains

Without chemicals

How to Naturally Remove Yellow Deodorant Stains - Without chemicals



Deodorants are supposed to reduce unpleasant odors and damp spots. However, those stubborn sweat stains form anyway and are tough to get out of clothes. What remedies can do the job without resorting to chemicals?


Damp spots under your arms aren’t pleasant, but what’s even more annoying are yellow sweat stains that just won’t wash out. So what to do when you’re not ready to give up your favorite clothes? What natural remedies exist?

The right deodorant

The good news is that deodorant stains can be avoided! The yellow spots are usually caused by the interaction of sweat and aluminum oxychloride – which in any case has long since been under fire due to its health risks.

Be aware not to buy a deodorant that contains substances with “aluminum” or “alumina” in them. The CodeCheck app will help you!

Yellow spots

There’s nothing more irritating than yellow spots on white clothes. They get even darker with every wash as the combination of detergent, sweat, and antiperspirant react to form more yellow residues that get caught in the textile fibers. Cotton fibers are especially susceptible, unlike synthetic fabrics whose fibers aren’t as absorptive.

Still, you can treat them with citric acid or baking powder! Just wet the affected area and spread some powder on it. Rub the powder in and let it sit for a few hours. Finally, rinse. The clothes can then be washed normally.

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