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Barley Labs Dog Treats




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All-natural dog treats. Lab tested. Owner approved. No preservatives, corn, or soy. Oven-baked for that perfect crunch. Cultured Cow: The creamery. Made with cheese from Durham's. Visit to learn how your purchase supports a local animal shelter. One for me, and one for my homie. What do you get when you mix a home brewer and a fun-loving Lab mix named Barley? You get Barley Labs, an all-natural dog treat company based in Durham, NC. Once we learned that barley not only can be used to create delicious homebrew treats for us but also could be recycled into yummy treats for our dog, it was only natural for us to jump in with both feet (and all four paws). We can feel good about knowing exactly what our dog is snacking on - and now we can share that with you and your four-legged best friends, too. - Scott, Theresa & Barley. Be Barley’s friend! (at)barleylabs. Fullsteam: Made with love out of recycled barley from Fullsteam's Southern Lager. Made in Durham, NC.

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Barley Labs


Barley Labs

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