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" English "...., «~. A self.study reference and ~° Grammar »~o, c° »oo, o, intermediate In Use . WITH ANSWER.q SECOND EDITION Thls book for imtermediate and more advanced students combines reference grammar and practice exercise in a single volume. • Easy to use: on each left-hand page a grammar point is explained and on the facing page there are exercises to check understanding. • Additional exercises at the back of the book offer extra practice of grammar points from different units. ~ Provides comprehensive coverage in simple language of the problems intermediate students often have. • Designed for seif-study: with the help of a study guide, learners can choose and study those points which they find difficult. ~ Contents list and detailed index ensure that users can easily find the unit(s) they need. • Key section contains answers to all the exercises. • Appendices deal with irregular verbs, tenses, model verbs, spelling, contractions and American English.

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