The Dog Rules

The Dog Rules






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In this groundbreaking guide, elite dog trainer Kyra Sundance reveals the path to helping your dog be a reliable partner and true member of your family. Kyra -- a world-acclaimed Stunt Dog Team performer, nationally ranked dog sports competitor, and movie dog trainer -- holds the human-dog bond at the heart of her training method. She cares for her dogs with tenderness, trains them thoroughly, and inspires them to excel.If you´re battling the same problems with your dog over and over, then the training method you´re using isn´t working. Instead of more training, what´s needed is better training. Kyra´s \´´´´whole-dog\´´´´ approach looks beyond sterile training methods that manipulate through reward and punishment and instead advocates humane behavior modification techniques to establish expectations without compromising love. Her principles -- such as \´´´´One Command, One Consequence,\´´´´ \´´´´Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem\´´´´ and \´´´´Praise, Touch, Treat -- in That Order\´´´´ -- empower readers with a clear strategy and the t

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